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Some flickrs to check out.

Hey Guys,

Since a few of you got to meet Jens and Troy at the Peter Coulson workshop today (which was fantastic, BTW), I thought I’d post up their flickr accounts so you can check them out.

Jens Flickr has a lot of great landscapes from his travels to Japan, and a more recently China.

Troys Flickr has a mix of his CGI renderings, and photos. He also has a new Blog/Photo website.


Awesome Light Photography

Hi All
Check this out. 
Take care

Wedding Photos

Hi All

One of my friends at work sent me a link to her friend’s beautiful wedding photos and I thought I must share.  They are stunning.   I think the photographers name is Julian Abram Wainwright. 

The Gulf Photo Plus 2010 shoot-out

Watch what happens when three pro photographers are given two models, a brief on the fly and 25 minutes to shoot and post-produce an image. Entertaining and great insight into the creative process. Oh, Lord. Did I just say that?


The videos and information on the site explain it better than I can. It happened in ’09, expect it to happen again in 2010. Think about participating in this brilliant cause this year. Surprise yourself, surprise someone else!

Awesome Macro insect shots

Just saw this site today with some fantastic macro shots of insects covered in water dew. Check it out!


The Sartorialist

Hey all, had an awesome weekend out with all you folk – saw some great shots from everyone and had a ball while doing so. Well done.

I often come across great photography sites and material through my line of work so should start to share some it with you all. Starting of, this is one RAD blog. The pix are beautiful, mainly fashion based but the shots are worth a looksy. Maybe you can all grab a few fashion tips along the way.



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