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Some flickrs to check out.

Hey Guys,

Since a few of you got to meet Jens and Troy at the Peter Coulson workshop today (which was fantastic, BTW), I thought I’d post up their flickr accounts so you can check them out.

Jens Flickr has a lot of great landscapes from his travels to Japan, and a more recently China.

Troys Flickr has a mix of his CGI renderings, and photos. He also has a new Blog/Photo website.


Aurora Australis, Viewed from above

As we talked about in class today, I chased up the image of the ‘Southern Lights’ taken from the International Space Station. Pretty amazing really.


Another cool photoblog

Hey Guys,

Came across this photo blog while searching for more shots, Might help those still trying to fatten up that visual diary! (like me!)


David Griffin on how photography connects us

An interesting short TED talk by David Griffin, well worth a watch. Make sure you watch until the end – the Leopard seal story is priceless.


The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.

WARNING: There is a couple mof pretty graphic images of some elephants that succumbed to poachers. So if your a little squimish, might want to be prepared.

Trade Show Registration (and AIPP Awards, again)

So, There doesn’t seem to be much infomation floating on the AIPP website (here) or APPAwards website (here), other than the awards will be in Melbourne, 4-6 June 2010. I was a bit confused, But now i am not.

There is information about the ‘Digital Life Expo’

This is the trade show which Glenn mentioned, and the which the awards judging is actually a part of.

You can save the $20 entry fee by pre-registering for a ticket on the website:


Also folks, keep in mind Student Photographers ARE classified as TRADE visitors… Therefor we will be able to attend all three days, including Friday and Saturday morning when the show is not yet open to the general public. (If you are still unsure, check out the FAQ )

Other useful information:

Exhibitor list

Floorplan for the event (including the Canon APPA judging)

So folks, remember to Register!!!


Hi Guys,

After Glenns talk last week about ‘Social Networking’, and speaking to a couple of the guys at work, I’ve started a Flickr account. I’ve found there is also a PSC group with current and previous students, that is certainly worth a look:



Awesome Macro insect shots

Just saw this site today with some fantastic macro shots of insects covered in water dew. Check it out!


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