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Print Matting

Here’s the list of required things for mounting your prints for folio submission:

  • Backing board
  • Matte/window mount (Arctic White is recommended)
  • Gum paper tape (white), which is cheaper, or framer’s tape

You’ll also find it beneficial to get:

  1. White cotton gloves
  2. Cutting mat/steel ruler/cutting knife
  3. Art-gum eraser (for removing marks, etc. on the matte)


I’ve been flicking through a couple of ebooks by David duChemin over the last couple of days. I had downloaded them a while ago, but hadn’t really bothered with them until recently. Oddly enough, the first book I started reading, Ten More, deals with a number of things that Neil had touched upon in his first class and will most likely talk about further in future.

They are available for the iPad from the iTunes app store for $5.99 and for download as PDFs (US$5.00) from craftandvision.com. They’re not lengthy (around 30 or so pages) but for the price they’re well worth a look.

His blog is an interesting read too.

Due Monday [Updated]

Hi All

Apologies to Nicky: I’ve edited the post to break it down into more digestible chunks, made some amendments for the sake of clarity and added some other notes from the class – Christopher.

Well first night back was rather full on.  We were given a long list of things to do and I thought I would post the list to help and make sure I didn’t miss anything myself.  So here we go …

For Monday

Choose a word for a topic you would like to explore in photography, write that word in the middle of the page in your VD and around it write words that you associate with it, see how many you can write.

Last but not least, my personal favourite, the assessment task: find an image that inspires you to be a photographer and give a presentation to the class for 3-5 minutes on why you want to learn more about photography.

Over the Semester

  • Write on a card and stick on the fridge or work station or somewhere you look all the time the basic f stops 1.4 to 45. For those of you who can’t be bothered making up your own, here’s the one I did today.
  • The size of an piece of A4 paper – being 297 x 210 mm;
  • Optional: write on a card and place it where you will see it: I am in the business of visual communication;
  • Start Visual Diary (there is a newsagent on the corner of Swanston and LaTrobe who sell all-sized VD’s at great prices, its on the street side of Melbourne Central);
  • Find and print two copies of a decent colour wheel from the internet, pigment and photographic and stick one copy of each on the first page of your VD and write your name at the top;
  • You should spend 1/2 hour to 1 hour two nights a week on your VD. Size of VD is up to us: A4 is good, A3 is better, choose your own size;
  • Purchase an Artline 70 permanent marker with chisel tip;
  • Learn the pixel dimensions of your camera – not megapixels, but the image size as expressed in pixels e.g.,3888 x 4056 – this will be important when we come to do printing later.


Using a variable focal length lens (e.g. a 17-200mm zoom lens), zoom in and take a photo of a family member or friend in tight close-up (framing in between their forehead and chin) and make five pictures, then zoom out, frame the face in the same way above and make five more photos.  Pick the single best from each set, print and stick in your VD.

Look up the words “fulminate” and “nefarious”.


“Look at the photography, as opposed to the picture.” Examine the technique that went into making the image.

We have a role as image-maker, as photographers we communicate through visual imagery. How do we express an idea (communicate) through the image? What does the picture say? We will not always be around to articulate the ideas expressed in an image.

We are products of our culture. The culture that we exist in informs our perception of the things around us, our view of the world. How would someone from another culture interpret the image?

Learn to look at and analyse your work objectively.

Oh: and welcome to new classmate Kelly!

Well, that’s what I got from last night, please post comments if there is anything else that needs to be added.

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