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About half the class has confirmed that they would like to produce an end of semester book.

Now’s the chance for everyone to submit. Please think about the 6-8 images you would like included. I think the only condition is that they should have been taken this year. What you choose is up to you: from your folio submission or, if you had an image that you thought was great but never fitted in the categories, that’s fine (it’s up for debate if anyone disagrees!).

The book price will vary a little depending on the number of pages and the quality of the paper chosen for printing, but price will be about $70-80 for an approximately 120-160 page hardcover book (plus about $15?) for postage.

What I need from those of you who are interested is copies of images sent to me by e-mail for placement in the layout. The same resolution as those put up for class will be ideal for layout and I will contact you for higher-resolution ones for printing. The book is 8 x 10 inches, which is not quite the same size as the images, so could you please indicate if you are happy for some cropping to occur to allow the image to fill the page. Please note that some very minor trimming of image edges will happen as they will be full page bleed, i.e. fitted to at least two of the edges of the page.

Additionally (and this bit’s optional) your commentary on the pictures and something about yourself. For example:

“This was a really tricky shot to make. It was cloudy and I really needed the sun to catch the water for extra sparkle. I got it in the end!”

There is a non-public mockup to view on Blurb.com for about 10 days if you want to get an idea what the book might look like. Let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

The initial submission deadline is Sunday July 11.


Comments on: "The Book: All Systems Go!" (7)

  1. Great, thanks for setting this up Christopher.
    Maybe send the link to this in an email to all the class for those who don’t use the blog.
    See you tonight.

  2. Amber said:

    Hey Chris – i would love to be involved in the book (great idea!!) but i just can’t afford it I’m sorry. I’m really struggling financially at the moment, and having trouble paying my fees as it is!
    Happy to contribute photos still if that’s what everyone wants….but totally understand if not

    • Hey Amber, absolutely, definitely, positively contribute your pics to the book (it wouldn’t be the same without ya!). I don’t want anyone to feel stressed about contributing or buying one.

      Totally get your situation: I’m a bit the same myself. The book’s published on demand, so it won’t matter too much if you can’t get a copy straight off. If it drops off Blurb’s system I can always upload the master again at a later date when things are better for you.

      I was thinking of offering a slightly more affordable softcover option for anyone who might want a cheaper copy for family and friends as well.

  3. James said:

    Hi Chris – I hate to say it but I cannot find our email sheet which means I don’t have your email address! Could you post it again so I can email you my six pics!?
    James : )

  4. joannemana said:

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for doing all of this for us.. you’re awesome! Definitely interested.. and could you please send me the link/invite you were talking about re: viewing the mockup of the book on blurb?



  5. Amber said:

    oh no!! i forgot to send you photos by yesterday!! Is it too late? if not, can you pls send me your email address so i can send them to you
    Ta 🙂

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