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I’ve just finished post and assembling the pics for tomorrow. Entire day in front of the computer and I am beat. I’ve popped in a teaser from each category.

I’m pretty happy with mine. I hope everyone’s got theirs under control and I can’t wait to see ’em!


Comments on: "Finished?" (8)

  1. stickers76 said:

    Congratulations Christopher, looks great. Can’t wait to see the rest.
    I’ve posted mine on flickr, but have changed a few things since.
    Have you written your intro?
    See you tomorrow night.

  2. Will be winging the intro! Have been rehearsing it in my head and that’s it.

  3. JPDyno said:

    Looking good Chris!

    Got mine under control, not particularly happy with it. But that just means there is room for improvement next semester. Got a few shots in Conceptuals nobody has seen yet – so that should be interesting to say the least! Also winging the intro… Have to think about each category after class to find something to say

  4. suzana said:

    So happy it’s done!!!!

    I’m a little confused though as to how tonight is going to proceed…are we meant to introduce our folio saying a little about each section and THEN the slideshow is shown OR do we talk about each section as the slideshow is playing???

    I remember Glenn saying that it may be shown more than once…hmmmm

    • I’m not sure: it’s really up to you whether you talk about each section as it comes up (which seems more natural to me) or do it all at the beginning. I think you are meant to introduce yourself and give a little background to start. The thing I don’t relish is having to do the “why am I doing it?” spiel, which just feels like a wank. I’d rather let my work speak for itself.

      Two run throughs at most!

  5. suzana said:

    BTW Christopher…your Conceptuals look awesome 🙂

    • Thanks: I’m fairly pleased with the dream-noir one in particular, as I had no idea what Conceptual 2 was going to be when I got up yesterday morning!

  6. suzana said:

    Thanks Christopher, I just hope I’m not the first one up. See you tonight

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