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Hey all. Here’s the skinny with submission of the folio. You’ll need to create a folder with your name and this will contain your images and the caption cards for each category. Glenn will play them as a slideshow on the night.

The number format is the tricky part. The numbers should follow like this:

02_people – your image
03_people – your image
04_people – your image
05_people – your image
06_people – your image
07_people – your image
09_documentary – your image
Etc., etc.

The category numbers are as follows:
29_Still Life
36_Conceptual #1
43_Conceptual #2

The numbering sequence continues on up to 49. This will ensure your pictures stay in order and in the right category. The images themselves should be in the same format as they have been submitted this semester: 2000 x 2000 pixels and JPEG format.

You do need to introduce and present your folio. Glenn’s tips were:

Be positive!
Speak clearly and raise your voice – be heard
Talk about the journey thus far
What you’ve discovered
– technical
– design
Difficulties – barriers broken/how you solved or overcame

The slideshow will progress too quickly for you to talk about each image individually, so reserve your comments for the introduction and an overview of each category.

I’ll upload the title cards to the blog tonight so you can download them at your convenience.

I typed this on the bus this morning so I hope it makes sense.If you’re completely confused, reply in comments, ring or e-mail me!

UPDATE: You can download a zip of the title cards here.


Comments on: "Folio submission [Updated]" (7)

  1. Nicky said:

    We have to get up in front of the class and talk??!!!

    FAIL! – that is going to be my grade – hell no, I’m not doing that.

    (shit, damn, fuck, shit, bloody hell)

    Thanks for posting this Christopher, look forward to the title cards.


  2. One must be prepared for any occasion!

  3. stickers76 said:

    Found the zip at the end, thanks. I think I was freaked out about the speech we have to give that I didn’t see it.

    Well I will be shaking so much I’ll look like I’m a really bad dancer (which I’m not just for the record – Haha).

    Sorry for the swearing all, I usually don’t, I reserve it for special ocassions like this.

  4. Amber said:

    LOL Nicky… i think we were all thinking what you said anyway!!

    Thanks for the zip file with the titles Chris!!

  5. Thanks Chris!!!! for the zip!!!!

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