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An interesting short TED talk by David Griffin, well worth a watch. Make sure you watch until the end – the Leopard seal story is priceless.


The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.

WARNING: There is a couple mof pretty graphic images of some elephants that succumbed to poachers. So if your a little squimish, might want to be prepared.


Comments on: "David Griffin on how photography connects us" (5)

  1. Nicky said:

    Hey JP that was incredible.
    They should have put a warning up about the elephant photos, I nearly threw up, I definitely cried, fuckin poachers.
    The last story, about the leopard seal, made me laugh out loud!
    Thanks for posting this.

    • JP Dyno said:

      ahh, yeah I was going to put a warning up actually, but i totally forgot. Sorry. It is very sad, Anywhere in the world and people just do what they like with no thought for anyone or anything else. Selfish arseholes.

  2. Photographers mentioned in the talk:

    Steven McCurry
    Bruce Dale
    Sam Abell
    Randy Olson (his wife Melissa Farlow)
    Paul Nicklen
    Chris Johns
    William Albert Albert Allard
    Michael ‘Nick” Nichols
    David Alan Harvey
    David Duglay (? on spelling)
    Dr Euan Mason
    Emory Kristof
    Jonas Bendiksen
    Brian Sherry (? on last name)
    James ‘Jim’ Knockway

    I Googled them to see more of their images, some have good websites, Randy Olson and his wife Melissa Farlow is pretty good. Paul Nicklen’s site is great. I also really like Sam Abell’s photos.

  3. JP don’t worry mate, I still would have looked.

  4. That was rad! thank-you 🙂

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