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Business Cards

Hey All

Does anyone know a cheap place to get some business cards printed?  Or is there something from Officeworks that is just as good?




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  1. Hi Nicky,


    They have a free section on there site, but you can only pic from certain template…. i think you just pay from postage from memory..they are probably worth a look at.

    Cheers, Emma

  2. I got mine done at http://www.clickbusinesscards.com there are a number of templates that you can use. If you’re looking for something different you can upload your own. Once you register they send out samples of different card and finishes so you can see what they look like. Can’t quite remember what it cost (I got 2000). I think most online services are similar.

    [edit] if you get cards that are mostly black get the varnish. I found mine tend to look a bit worn from rubbing against each each other.

  3. Christopher put me on to http://www.clickbusinesscards.com.au/ and they are great. 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks everyone.
    I spent quite a bit of time on the site that you provided Emma, looks pretty good.
    I am going to check out the site that Chris recommended next.
    I don’t want anything too fancy and I don’t want to have to pay too much for them either, but I think I should have something.



  5. Amber said:

    Thanks Nicky for asking the question….was thinking about it myself, as i got asked for a business card at the wedding i did on the weekend.
    thanks guys for the info!

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