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So, There doesn’t seem to be much infomation floating on the AIPP website (here) or APPAwards website (here), other than the awards will be in Melbourne, 4-6 June 2010. I was a bit confused, But now i am not.

There is information about the ‘Digital Life Expo’

This is the trade show which Glenn mentioned, and the which the awards judging is actually a part of.

You can save the $20 entry fee by pre-registering for a ticket on the website:


Also folks, keep in mind Student Photographers ARE classified as TRADE visitors… Therefor we will be able to attend all three days, including Friday and Saturday morning when the show is not yet open to the general public. (If you are still unsure, check out the FAQ )

Other useful information:

Exhibitor list

Floorplan for the event (including the Canon APPA judging)

So folks, remember to Register!!!


Comments on: "Trade Show Registration (and AIPP Awards, again)" (3)

  1. stickers76 said:

    Hey JP, thanks for the post. I’m registered and attending the session by the shark photographer. Looking forward to this event. Yeah!!!

  2. Amber said:

    Thanks JP – all registered!! Have signed up for the shark photographer session too 🙂

  3. stickers76 said:

    Me too

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