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Artist Statement

Hi All

As Glenn wants us to write an Artist Statement in our Visual Diary, I thought I would Google!

This one I have found is a bit old, but it is pretty good.




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  1. Heya,

    Here are some of Glenn’s suggested points for the Artist’s Statement:

    – Who you are
    – Motivations
    – How it relates to my work
    – What the body of work/project is about
    – How I go about it
    – Why do you have to do it?

    Here’s mine:

    Christopher Smith was born to a poor upper-middle-working class family in 1968 in Ascot Vale, which brought early, bitter disappointment as there was not an ascot to be found. Early childhood was tough. His father was routinely in and out of prison, where he worked shift as a guard, and his mother took in washing to make ends meet. The neighbours soon complained about their missing laundry and she changed careers to stenographer, earning a pittance recording people’s really loud mobile phone conversations on public transport.

    His formative years were spent in an isolation tank where he developed a rich inner world and very wrinkly skin. His family soon grew tired of the constant banging from the inside of the tank and decided to send him to the local kindergarten at the age of 15. He recalls: “I remember it well. Each day mum would pack my lunch of sardine sandwiches and a celery stick, along with a carefully folded map with directions to the nearest home for wayward youth. Best years of my life.” He soon took the hint and ended up leaving home for greener pastures.

    His early photographic influences included some rather unusual magazines found under his brother’s mattress and wanted posters at the local police lockup, where the gritty, noir-ish imagery continues to be a major influence on his photographic style.

    His previous exhibitions include the acclaimed “Strangling Teddy” (2004), “I Don’t Think Cats Should Be Fed That” (2005) and “The Flavour of Plaster” (2008). His current exhibition “Bong Water” is a searing, insightful exploration of the dynamic tensions of both creative people to trying make a buck and art speculators who know nothing about art but are hoping that one day the piece of shite they just bought will actually be worth a lot more than they paid for it.

  2. stickers76 said:

    Christopher, thank you for making me laugh out loud!!!
    Please please PLEASE put this in your visual diary as your artist statement … I dare you!
    Loved it.

  3. JP Dyno said:

    Chris, you manage to surprise me at every turn…

  4. I do like to keep people on their toes!

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