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Last month (8 April 2010) I (and Jean Pierre) went to Phoenix Studios in South Yarra, for their last minute presentation, “The Language of the Lens”.   This presentation was part of the ACMP http://acmp.com.au/.  Their website is pretty cool, they do a photographer of the day and heaps of other stuff you should check out.

There were two photographers at the presentation – Mauro Risch from Brazil and Michael Kai from Germany.

Mauro’s presentation was cool, he is quite a funny and entertaining guy.  He showed a slide show of about 19 of his images, most of them were splashes of water, wine, paint etc.  He has done a lot of work for Coke.  However he doesn’t specialise, but he does like commercial photography as he likes shooting good ideas.  Check out his photo of the plates that looks like a coke bottle silhouette.

Mauro mentioned a few important points about being a photographer, like if a company changes their mind about an idea and you have to do a re-shoot, let them know they are going to have to pay you for it and depending on what type of job it is, you either charge per hour or per day.  He also advised if you are in a position to “make a deal” to say that you need an assistant, as a team offers a better job and getting it right in the camera, with less post means you’ll have more of a life!

Mauro said agency representation is good and a book showing shots should have 11″ x 14″ images in it as they are a good size.

Mauro shoots with a Hasselblad (drool), which most commercial photographers do.  Check out his website http://www.maurorisch.com

The other photographer, Michael was a bit more serious with his presentation.  He started off as a war photographer and he is only in his late 20s, now!!!  He explained the German government would provide him with film and once he had taken the photos he would send the film back to Germany for the newspapers etc and they would develop them as they remained the property of Germany.

Michael’s presentation showed more photos of his friends that he liked and explained to us why he liked them.  He also showed us some of his images and he is a very digital based photographer as he likes to “clean” up all his images in post.  Michael also has a great technique of inverting images and flipping them around to create illusions to trick the eye.

He has studied in Germany and at RMIT in Melbourne, also in Vienna for a year or so.  Check out his stuff at http://www.moillusions.com/2010/02/michael-kais-this-side-up.html

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