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Anyone else struggling with finalizing their workbooks for Tuesday?

I was eight pics short yesterday morning, am now down to two with a number of images yet to collect. Am thinking seriously about asking Liliana for an extension. This week and the Anzac day weekend would definitely give me enough time to do it properly. Anyone else in the same boat?


Here’s the application for an extension form from PSC:

Extension Application Form as at 23 Feb 2010


The entire class has been given an additional week to complete the assignment: now due 27th April.


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  1. jpdyno said:

    Love the spacial illusion shot Chris, kudos.
    I struggled, But managed to get everything done. Probably not to the best of my ability, but at least i have a picture for everything. I must admit if I didn’t spend a day with Nat and Amber a couple of weeks ago swimming through magazines, I would’ve been in trouble.

  2. Thanks: shooting it this arvo was a bit of a hoot. Lots of strange looks!

  3. Polina said:

    YES because i spent all weekend at the Workshop and have no relevant photos plus no energy.
    that reminds me, i need to reshoot my spacial illusion /:

  4. I’m getting there although not altogether sure about my collage. Will track Lilliana tonight (hopefully) for her feedback. I got all my images from various National Geographics and I’ve just read the assessment task description and checklist and one of the criteria is that you must have a ‘broad range’ of media sources. Wish I’d read that earlier.

    What is everyone writing when they comment on their pictures?

    I’m finding it difficult to write something that merely doesn’t state the obvious

    • God, we have to make comments too?!

      I wouldn’t sweat too much on the “broad range of sources”: once they’re stuck in, how will they tell? I’ve had to get a lot of my images from various places on the Internet as I can’t get to op shops during the week and the weekend hours they keep aren’t all that great.

  5. jpdyno said:

    I only commented on possibly half my photos, The ones i particularly liked. I figured the rest speak for themselves

  6. Showing that pic of the white Gardenia to Liliana seduced her into giving us all an extension. LOL. Hope you’re all having a stress free night for a change. I know I am.

  7. Thank goodness. I was in the office until 7 last night printing pics. Nodded off on the sofa at about 8.45.

  8. Shane Reeves said:

    Happy days….I feel like I need to celebrate this occasion with a beer.

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