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Heya Folks. Does anyone want a copy of the book Photography Foundations for Art and Design by Mark Galer? It’s the book Liliana and Michael had in class on Tuesday.

I can get copies from the UK for around $30-$35 depending on the quantity ordered. I’ve seen it for anywhere between $50-$68 locally, so it will be a bit cheaper as long as you’re not in a desperate hurry for a copy.

Let me know by Monday night if you’re interested.


Comments on: "Book: Photography Foundations for Art and Design" (4)

  1. jpdyno said:

    Sounds good Chris, put me down for one.

  2. Books are ordered and in Cologne at the moment. I will be interested to see if they get out of Europe any time soon, what with the issues with air traffic at present.

  3. Hi, if it’s not too late, would it be possible to add another for me. If it’s going to be a problem, then don’t worry about it, i’ll just get it locally.

    • Sorry matey! Missed out this time. I do order from Amazon UK reasonably regularly, so may be able to get another one. I’ll check in with you before the next order.

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