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About Last Night

Just wanted to say last night’s class was really great: lots of fun, brilliant pictures and interesting discussion. I’m so impressed with the quality of shots I saw last night.

It’s a pity half the class was missing…


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  1. Totally agree. It’s great to see the different styles of shooting in the class. Plenty of food for thought.

    I imagine the assessment task had something to do with the empty chairs and if that’s the case then it’s a shame because it’s still very early in the course.


  2. sonotemo said:

    I loved the class last night too! It was great to see how creative people can be and the different techniques used.

    Twas a shame about the lack of people present.


  3. Nicky said:

    Yeah, there were heaps of great photos.
    See you guys tonight.

  4. jpdyno said:

    Yeah I very much enjoyed it too. I think its great when we all get in on in-depth discussions. I’m pretty surprised by the lack of people… I know i didn’t finish the assessment task but i wasn’t going to miss a class because of it.

  5. Amber said:

    Totally agree Chris!! Loving class lately – so much fun & laughter, and really great seeing everyone progressing so much!
    God i wouldn’t dare miss a class in fear of missing out on something!! lol

  6. Polina said:

    i wish i was there for that.. unfortunately ive been diagnosed with pneumonia and am feeling pretty crap, hence me missing so many classes&field trip. Ill kick myself out of bed today, see if i can take any information in..

    • Hey Polina, don’t stress too much: I’m sure you’ll catch up easily.

      We’re all missing you and hope you recover soon.

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