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Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you my few tips to follow some photography exhibitions and competitons around Melbourne, Australia wide or international.

Last year, I did my first steps as amateur photographer. I presented some of my works at the Sandrigham Art Show “en plein air 2009”. I wanted to share my passion for photography, art and landscape with the public.
In result, I succeeded to win a public award for “Odissey” and sold both of my photos.

” Odissey ”

” Rivage ”

If I succeeded to do that, you too, you could do it…

I think that, in a competition, it is important to have a professional opinion and advices on our works to continue our improvement and our journey in photography, but it is also very important to hear the public opinion, to know if our work is understood and like by the public.

My favorites websites to find some photography exhibitions and competitions are:


This website gives you all art competitions and exhibitions Australia-wide as well as international.


More to come soon…

P.S.: this year, I entered once again the Sandringham Art Show “En plein Air 2010” ( a birthday celebration for me ). The exhibition will be held over the next weekend:
Sat 13 March from 12pm to 8pm
Sun 14 March from 10am to 4pm
At Sandringham College Senior Campus – Holloway Road – Sandringham.
Everybody is welcome !!!


Comments on: "Photography Art Exhibitions and Competitions" (1)

  1. Hello Jean-Pierre, congratulations!

    This is exciting as it demonstrates we need to take advantage of the opportunities available to us as well as those we create ourselves: something I am not very good at! I hadn’t even thought about these exhibitions as an avenue to display my work, but will in future.

    I thought I was helping a friend out with a shoot this coming weekend, but it seems not, so I’ll be heading down to Sandringham to check out the exhibition.

    Just out of curiosity: was “Odissey” shot using HDR?


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