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Did everyone else get this SMS?

PSC suffered damage in the storm. Buildings being assessed this week. For your safety classes suspended till Monday 15th March. Jenny Heron, Manager Student Relations.


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  1. Yeah: I can’t say I’m completely devastated about missing a class. The weather put paid to most of my shooting plans for the weekend!

    I’ve linked to some light reading relating to this week’s Image Design topic for anyone that may experience some withdrawal. Although there is always the collage!

  2. Amber said:

    Thanks for the info Chris!! I didn’t get the SMS, and won’t get the email til at work tomorrow.
    I’m the same as you….didn’t get much photography done over the w/end due to the weather, so an extra week is very handy!!
    Thanks for the image reading too…. 🙂

  3. jpdyno said:

    Yeah my plans were also shot,
    It’s also bought some time for me to hopefully get my zoom lens back from repair (i hope).

  4. I know we need the rain but water and cameras don’t mix so well. After planning a day trip to the country yesterday I had to turn back b/c of the rain 😦

    Just wondering about Glenn’s assessment…large depth of field. I have a photo where the foreground and background are in focus with aperture f11. Can anyone tell me if this would suffice or does he want to see an even smaller aperture?

  5. jpdyno said:

    I think it will be fine, as long as everything is sharp. If either is fuzzy at all, it will probably lose marks.

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