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With classes cancelled this week here’s a little more reading for Liliana’s class:



Form photography

Form, shape and space

Abstract composition

Use of structures in photo composition

Wikipedia article on abstract art



the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events : topics will vary in degrees of abstraction.• something that exists only as an idea : the question can no longer be treated as an academic abstraction. 2 freedom from representational qualities in art : geometric abstraction has been a mainstay in her work.• an abstract work of art.


adjective |ˈabstrakt|

existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence : abstract concepts such as love or beauty.• dealing with ideas rather than events : the novel was too abstract and esoteric to sustain much attention.• not based on a particular instance; theoretical : we have been discussing the problem in a very abstract manner.• (of a word, esp. a noun) denoting an idea, quality, or state rather than a concrete object : abstract words like truth or equality.• of or relating to abstract art : abstract pictures that look like commercial color charts.


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