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I wouldn’t normally let pictures that I consider “failures” out into the wild, but I thought you might like to see some shots from last week’s Southbank photograph that didn’t make the cut.

 Let me say from the outset I’m not very scientific when it comes to making these photographs. I’ll take a series of shots at a range of exposures and fine-tune based on what I see on the camera’s display, then cross my fingers that they look satisfactory when loaded into the computer. 

 For exposures of this length you’ll need a tripod, ideally a camera release trigger and patience. Make sure the camera battery is fully charged. Long outdoor exposures are best done on fairly still days: too much wind will buffet the camera and you’ll lose sharpness. 

I used an Aperture plugin called Fisheye-Hemi to correct the optical distortion caused by the fisheye lens. This is most apparent in the bowing of the bridge’s balustrade and the distinct curving lean of the buildings. There are other tools available to correct this kind of distortion, but I like Fisheye-Hemi as it corrects without sacrificing too much of the image area.

Final adjustments included lifting the shadow detail, gently boosting the saturation and vibrancy and a light sharpen of the image.

 Unfortunately a lot of the detail in these pictures has been lost after uploading to WordPress. When I have time, I’ll try to set up a slideshow to show the progression.

Comments on: "Southbank Night Shot" (1)

  1. Christopher

    Thanks for posting these shots. It can get overwhelming to see the perfect images taken by photographers and it’s easy to think they get it right the first time. But of course we never get to see the shots leading up to the one that works. For me it’s encouraging to see the attempts as I’m very much the novice.


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