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The Beginning

Here it is folks: our private blog! Apologies for the punny blog title, but I couldn’t resist.

A couple of housekeeping matters:

Please don’t post any of the PSC’s class materials here on the blog without permission: they are the intellectual property of the college and they may not be thrilled to see it in circulation elsewhere.

Everybody will be able to post articles, but if you want to reply to an article please use comments rather than creating a new article so we can keep everything tidy and tied together.

Other than that: have fun and contribute!



Comments on: "The Beginning" (15)

  1. emma1188 said:

    thanks for setting this up! 🙂

  2. Hey Christopher, this is great.

    I found a website called http://www.digital-photography-school.com

    It’s full of useful tips on how to photograph a wide variety of subjects and situations.

    Look forward to hearing from everyone else


  3. stickers76 said:

    Hey Christopher,

    Thanks for setting this up!



  4. jpdyno said:

    I like the name, atleast i can remember it off by heart.
    good to see you put ‘The big picture’ link in too – that one wasn’t mentioned in class and I’d been meaning to tell everyone of it.

  5. jpdyno said:

    I don’t think it is set up for us to post things yet?

    Just going through the TV guide and there is a show on:
    10:20pm Sunday night, ABC1
    The Genius of Photography; Examines in detail the work of some of the greatest and most influential modern photographers including Alexander Rodchenko, August Sander, Man Ray, Walker Evans and Bill Brandt.

    Might be worth a watch

    • It’s an excellent series. One that I had meant to re-watch before starting classes!

      I thought I had given everyone author access: I’ll double-check.

    • Blast: even though I added everyone as an author in the users list when I set it up, nobody was added after the invites were accepted.

      I’ve now manually added the people that have accepted the invitation.

  6. Maybe we should add Glenn’s website to the list?

    Do you think he’ll be ok with that?

    • I’m sure that won’t be a problem: it’s available for anyone to read online. Have been meaning to add it in, but have to go back through my notes to get the address!

  7. Markymark said:

    Thanks for setting up this site Chris. 🙂

  8. Joanne M said:

    Thanks for setting up the website!!


  9. For those of you who don’t have a Mac (like me) the State Library of Victoria has ten iMacs in their Experimedia toom loaded with Adobe Creative Suite 4 and more.

    Available software includes:
    • Photoshop CS4
    • Indesign CS4
    • Illustrator CS4
    • Acrobat 9 Pro
    • Flash CS4 Professional
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    • Corel Painter
    • Apple iLife suite (iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, iWeb)
    • Roxio Toast

    For more experienced users, there is one iMac loaded with Final Cut Studio Pro and DVD Studio Pro.

    Opening hours are
    Mon-Thu 10am – 9pm
    Fri-Sun 10am – 6pm

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